The followings are identifiable steps

Step One:

Define the Problem
1. What do you see happening?
2. What are the specific symptoms?

Step Two:

Collect Data
1. What proof do you have that the problem exists?
2. How long has the problem existed?
3. What is the impact of the problem?

You need to analyze a situation fully before you can move on to look at factors that contributed to the problem.

Step Three:

Identify Possible Causal Factors
1. What sequence of events leads to the problem?
2. What conditions allow the problem to occur?
3. What other problems surround the occurrence of the central problem?

During this stage, identify as many causal factors as possible. Too often, people identify one or two factors and then stop, but that's not sufficient. You don't want to simply treat the most obvious causes – you want to dig deeper.
You can use these tools to help identify causal factors:

*Appreciation* – Use the facts and ask "So what?" to determine all the possible consequences of a fact.
*5 Whys* – Ask "Why?" until you get to the root of the problem.
*Drill Down* – Break down a problem into small, detailed parts to better understand the big picture.
*Cause and Effect* *Diagrams* – Create a chart of all of the possible causal factors, to see where the trouble may have begun.

Step Four:

Identify the Root Cause(s)
Why does the causal factor exist?
What is the real reason the problem occurred?

Use the same tools you used to identify the causal factors (in Step Three) to look at the roots of each factor. These tools are designed to encourage you to dig deeper at each level of cause and effect.

Step Five:

Recommend and Implement Solutions
1. What can you do to prevent the problem from happening again?
2. How will the solution be implemented?
3. Who will be responsible for it?
4. What are the risks of implementing the solution?

Analyze the objective, cause-and-effect process, and identify the changes needed for various systems. It's also important that you plan ahead to predict the effects of your solution. This way, you can spot potential failures and avoid it.

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